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Facial Serum


Facial Serum

No Micro plastic particles. Mineral oils. Parabens. Silicones. Bye, bye bad stuff! Hello, good stuff! Face serum with pineapple extract and 97% Organic  ingredients. Hyaluronic acid and glycerine ideally hydrate the skin! Apple on clean skin. Vegan.

  • 60ml

Facial Serum

Say goodbye to the bad stuff and embrace the goodness with our Facial Serum – a skincare game-changer that your skin deserves.

Clean Beauty: We’re committed to your skin’s health. Our serum is free from microplastic particles, mineral oils, parabens, and silicones. It’s a clean, pure choice for your skin.

Vegan Beauty: We embrace a cruelty-free ethos. Our serum is 100% vegan, aligning with your values and our commitment to ethical beauty.

How To Use: Simply apply on clean skin for the best results. Let the magic of our serum work wonders for you.

Size: Each bottle contains 60ml of pure, revitalizing goodness for your skin.


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